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How to Properly Conduct Yourself during Police Investigation in Washington State

A Police Investigation may bring you anxiety once you’re subjected to it. Fortunately, in Washington and in most states, your proper conduct during Police Investigation will help you avoid some snares and blunders during the intimidating encounter. Whether you are the subject of the Police Investigation or its mere source of information, these tips will…

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Expunge Your Criminal Record

If you have been living with a criminal record for any length of time, you know the limitations it puts on your life.  You must disclose this record on job, housing and loan applications.  You can’t vote, work or volunteer with the school system, or own and operate a gun.  This conviction, no matter how…

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The Criminal Process 101

No one wants to be charged with a crime, but if circumstances are such that you are forced to learn how to move through the system of defending yourself for a crime brought by the State of Washington, the following discussion could be a useful guide. Finding the right attorney is an important first step,…

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