Expunge Your Criminal Record

If you have been living with a criminal record for any length of time, you know the limitations it puts on your life.  You must disclose this record on job, housing and loan applications.  You can’t vote, work or volunteer with the school system, or own and operate a gun.  This conviction, no matter how long ago, still follows you in all aspects of your life.

A little known and underutilized process is available that allows an individual to petition the court to vacate/expunge a criminal conviction (both misdemeanors and felonies).   This allows a person who has complied completely with all conditions of their sentence to have a fresh start and the ability to be able to wipe their public record clean.

There are some requirements to qualify for an expunged/vacated record petition.  You must have completed all court orders as well as the prescribed length of time in the community crime free.  At Robert Cossey and Associates, we are happy to help you with this new phase of your life and can help you determine your eligibility and if you qualify, file for the erasure of your prior conviction.

Another little known and underutilized process involves the restoration of civil rights and restoration of gun rights after a criminal conviction.  Many people don’t realize that they can petition the court to regain their civil rights such as voting or their right to bear firearms.  This requires certain factors of eligibility, but a meeting with Robert Cossey and Associates can provide the necessary information to determine if you qualify.

Finally, if you have a sex conviction on your record, you can petition to remove your requirement to register.  There are a number of statutes and requirements that make this a complicated area of law, but a meeting with Robert Cossey and Associates can help to determine your eligibility.

For those who have complied with the conditions of their sentence, remained crime-free and endured the prescribed length of time, these opportunities to expunge prior criminal convictions provide new freedom and a clean fresh start.

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