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At Robert Cossey and Associates we go to trial frequently and have conducted hundreds of trials throughout the state of Washington.  While we are successful at trial, we are also exceptional at evaluating the benefit of accepting a plea negotiation vs. the risk of going to trial.  All legal options are thoroughly evaluated and discussed with clients so they are always well informed and in fact a part of the ultimate strategy.

Areas of Practice

Felony and Misdemeanor Assault

One of the most common and serious criminal charges in the State of Washington are those of assault.  Felony assault convictions can include prison time, long term probation and substantial monetary penalties.  While misdemeanor assault charges do not involve prison, many times they can involve jail time as well as monetary fines.  There are enhanced penalties if weapons of any type are involved and if domestic violence is alleged, it can lead to serious consequences on present and future employment.

There are many legal decisions in cases involving assaults and the law firm of Robert Cossey and Associates ensures that each client understands the full ramifications and possible penalties facing them.  Robert Cossey and Associates have successfully handled literally hundreds of both felony and misdemeanor cases throughout their over 20 years of practice.  Many of these cases were successfully concluded by dismissal of charges or acquittal by a jury.

Robert Cossey and Associates is the right choice for legal representation to help you defend against alleged felony and misdemeanor assault charges.

Theft / Burglary / Robbery

Some of the most serious charges in the State of Washington involve theft, robbery and burglary – especially if any type of weapon is involved.  These types of accusations are considered to be a priority by law enforcement and prosecuting authorities.  A successful defense requires experience and knowledge to provide the best possible outcome.  Robert Cossey and Associates is well known by both law enforcement, prosecutors office and their clients in providing the most professional and aggressive defense in this area of criminal law.


If your case is being appealed, or you want to appeal an unfavorable or unfair decision, Robert Cossey & Associates have both the experience and expertise to handle all types of appeal cases in both Superior Court and Court of Appeals.

Drug Possession / Distribution

In both state and federal courts, drug offenses include severe penalties for drug possession and or distribution.  While it is a common charge, many people do not realize the impact a drug conviction can have upon their future.  Not only can many drug convictions include substantial incarceration, but the penalties also include lifelong impact on employment, home ownership and other daily freedoms that we take for granted.

Robert Cossey and Associates has been successfully representing individuals charged with drug offenses for over two decades in both state and federal courts.  Their strategy in this area of law includes becoming involved in the very onset of an investigation to make every effort to prevent charges from being filed, and if necessary through the process of aggressively defending a drug charge.  Robert Cossey and Associates has extensive experience in the strategy of negotiations to minimize the impact of drug offenses, suppression motions associated with drug offenses as well as a record of successful trial defense.

Domestic Violence

In Washington Courts, one of the most common charges of both felony and misdeameanor involve accusations of domestic violence. While the penalties are severe in domestic violence allegations, one of the most overlooked aspects of a domestic violence charge is the loss of civil liberties.  This includes loss of gun rights, potentially your employment and employability and the inability to be involved with schools and other public agencies.  Robert Cossey and Associates has successfully represented hundreds of domestic violence cases and can help individuals understand the full ramifications. The fact is - you are accused, you need a domestic violence attorney on your side!

Traffic DUI / DWI Charges

The State of Washington has some of the toughest laws in the United States for traffic violations such as driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Our state has mandatory DUI/DWI penalties which include mandatory jail, loss of license and probation.  Many people do not fully understand the dramatic impact a misdemeanor traffic offense can have on their daily life.  This is an area of law that experienced and knowledgeable counsel is necessary to minimize the impact of a criminal traffic violation on your life, employment and freedom.

Robert Cossey and Associates has handled thousands of traffic offenses including DUIs, driving while license suspended, reckless driving and serious felony traffic offenses.  Washington State has a priority to prosecute criminal traffic violations and Robert Cossey and Associates is aggressive and successful in defending those charges.

Sex Crimes

In the State of Washington the penalties for any sex conviction are extremely serious.  The penalties and stigma associated with a sex crime accusation or conviction can follow someone for the rest of their life.  The penalties can include such life altering events such as incarceration, the requirement to register as a sex offender and other serious penalties.  One example of the seriousness of those penalties is the requirement for life imprisonment for two serious sex convictions.

The allegation involving these types of criminal offenses requires a knowledgeable and aggressive defense from the very beginning.  It is imperative to have legal counsel when defending a sex investigation or charge.  For over twenty years, Robert Cossey and Associates has successfully and aggressively represented clients in both state and federal court.  The firm has handled hundreds of serious sex crime cases from the initial investigation through the jury trial and even further into the appeal process.

Bottom line - If you are accused of a sex crime in Washington, you need an experienced attorney like Robert Cossey on your side!


Without question, being accused of homicide is the most severe crime in the State of Washington. You need a murder defense attorney right away.  There are many different degrees of homicide charges and all include the longest and most severe incarceration.  It is absolutely essential that if a person is charged with this type of offense that you have an experienced trial litigator on your side.  Robert Cossey and Associates has experience with representing people charged with homicide.

Restoration of Gun Rights And Civil Rights / Expungement of Criminal Records

One of the more forgotten procedures in Criminal Law is to expunge a criminal record and restore civil rights after you have been convicted of a crime.  Many people fail to realize that this is an option and one they should immediately consider upon eligibility.  Robert Cossey and Associates provides legal representation for individuals who want to restore their right to bear arms and restore civil rights.

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Landmark Trials

State v. SNF (12-1-00372-7) 2012

This was an extremely serious case that went to trial in November 2012, involving a young gang member charged with 2nd degree murder and four other serious counts, all of them his third strike which would have meant life in prison without possibility of parole.  Not only did we have to prevail on the murder charge, but the remaining four counts as any one of them meant life imprisonment.  The case was very complicated and lasted almost two weeks.  It involved numerous motions by both prosecution and defense.  Numerous witnesses were called by both sides and at the conclusion of an intense two weeks, an acquittal was reached by a jury.  The client was found not guilty on all five counts and was immediately released from custody.

State v. JJO (07-1-01404-8) 2007

This case involved the criminal trial of a Spokane Police Officer charged with first degree assault with a deadly weapon.  The incident occurred during the height of the public criticism of excessive violence used by police officers in Spokane and this officer was tried and convicted throughout the community before his trial even began.

The Prosecutor’s Office devoted a lot of time and resources into this case; it lasted almost two weeks and included experts from all over the country.  This was a highly publicized and very complicated trial but the jury came back with an acquittal based upon self-defense.  The community was in an uproar over the verdict, but the jury refused to talk to reporters.  This case was a prime example of how the jury system works, twelve jurors came up with a unanimous but controversial decision based upon almost two weeks of facts and arguments that the general public did not hear.

Our client was reimbursed for all his costs, expenses, attorneys’ fees and back pay.

State v. JDH (10-1-00061-0) 2010

This case involved the successful representation of a man who was falsely accused of numerous rapes of his own daughter.  A guilty verdict would have given this man over 100 years in prison.  The Prosecutor’s Office in Stevens County offered a very favorable plea bargain that this man declined because he knew he was innocent.   Robert Cossey and Associates even staged a mock trial in this case to make sure this client was comfortable with his decision of risking 100 years in prison by going to trial rather than accepting the plea bargain.

But the matter went to trial and lasted almost a week.  It was a very complicated case and involved numerous witnesses and experts, but a jury acquitted him of all charges within a few hours.

State vs. RMB (P08000163) 2008

This case involved another Spokane County police officer charged with a serious assault during an arrest.  After a high speed chase by car and then by foot, the victim was tackled by our client in a Spokane backyard where it was alleged our client kicked the victim in the face with steel toed boots. Pictures viewed in trial showed virtually no facial damage from this allegedly serious assault and our client was acquitted very quickly by a jury from our community.

State vs. DB (04-1-3086-3) 2004

A man with extensive criminal history was charged with assault of a child (his son) by beating him with an extension cord leaving permanent marks.  Because of his past criminal record, the state refused to acknowledge that maybe he wasn’t guilty of beating his son.  The father was looking at prison time and loss of his parental rights.

Alisha Smithson of Robert Cossey and Associates did such a thorough and complete investigation that we were able to easily prove that another individual did the beating.  A verdict was reached in less than an hour with the jury demanding that he be released from jail immediately.

State vs. LC (10-1-01525-7) 2010

A City of Spokane employee was wrongfully accused of embezzling tens of thousands of dollars from the City of Spokane Valley.  The client knew she was innocent and turned down an extremely favorable plea offer.  A jury acquitted her of all charges.

State vs. DE (03-1-03450-0) 2003

Our client was an individual charged with murder and was looking at over 40 years in prison.  This case proceeded to a jury trial.  Before the verdict, the jury had voted 12-0 to acquit, but due to jury misconduct a mis-trial was declared.  To avoid the risk of proceeding to another murder trial (in which the prosecution could prosecute more effectively), the client agreed to a plea bargain of less than three years in prison.

State vs. Nurse

Successfully defended an Eastern State Hospital nurse that was accused of stealing drugs from her employer.  This was potentially a career ending case.  She was looking at substantial incarceration.  It became a factually complicated case that lasted several days.  We were able to obtain an acquittal in a jury trial.

State vs. ET (11700323)

This case was a prime example of an incident that should not have ever been charged.  Our client was a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force who had served her country for over 20 years and had never been in trouble before.  She was charged with criminal animal cruelty when her dog attacked a moose that was getting too close to her children while they were sledding close to their home.

This matter should not have been charged, should not have gone to trial, but a complete acquittal was obtained by a jury of her peers.

State vs. assault of a child

Our client was a father who was criminally charged with abusing his son after he spanked him for punching a teacher at school.  This was another case of an allegation that should not have been charged, but our client was looking at prison time if we lost.  It turned into a complicated trial in which the father was acquitted of all charges.

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