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At Robert Cossey & Associates, the goal is to offer clients with a comprehensive solution. Our firm provides specialized legal representation based on local, state, and federal regulations.

The appeals process can be challenging, and it’s important to have an experienced firm to assist with the process.

To maximize one’s chances of winning the appeal and receiving a fair trial, it’s best to start here at Robert Cossey & Associates.


Please note, not all decisions can be appealed.

This information will be analyzed during the initial meeting between client and attorney. In general, the state of Washington allows defendants to appeal final decisions. The type of criminal case may vary, and Robert Cossey & Associates has experience in various scenarios.

The appeals process will have to include a direct appeal, meaning it has to claim a not-guilty verdict, reduced sentence, or dismissal of charges depending on the case itself. The attorney will help illustrate potential penalties and what the appropriate solution is for a client’s case moving forward.

Appeals Process

What will Robert Cossey & Associates offer you?

There is a four-step process when it comes to choosing a law firm and appealing against a guilty verdict.

1) The Notice of Appeal (Filed Within 30 Days)
2) The Record of Appeal (Designation of Evidence)
3) The Briefs (Lay Out Specific Arguments For Court Proceedings)
4) The Oral Argument (Defend In The Court of Law)

These four steps will provide clients with the opportunity to reposition themselves and gain a beneficial verdict. The attorney will take the time to break things down to ensure the case heads in the right direction and leads to the desired outcome as soon as possible.

This process is essential and will ensure the results are on the client’s side.

Benefits of Choosing Robert Cossey & Associates for Your Appeal

Why should a client consider going with Robert Cossey & Associates in the state of Washington? What makes this the finest law firm for an appeal?

1) 25+ Years of Experience
2) Knowledgeable About Appeals Process in Washington
3) Fast Results
4) Passionate and Dedicated
5) Handle All Types of Appeals

This is a one-stop solution when it comes to all types of appeals a person may come in with when it comes to the state of Washington. It’s important to select a top-tier law firm to maximize results.

To get started, please set up a meeting with a world-class attorney at Robert Cossey & Associates. This is your chance to appeal and win your case.

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