Theft | Burglary | Robbery

Have you found yourself in Jeopardy of losing your freedom over a theft charge? Falling into two major categories, theft of property and theft of services, a criminal charge of theft can mean any one of a number of offenses, both misdemeanors and felonies.

What have you been charged with? Theft? Burglary? Robbery? Whatever the charge, you need a criminal defense attorney that is going to aggressively fight for you so that you get the best possible outcome for your case.

Once you contact a reputable defense attorney, you are privy to a confidential consultation with no obligation. You don’t want to face a charge like this alone. You need a lawyer that understands the criminal laws in Spokane County and sentencing laws surrounding your particular case. You need an attorney who is going to develop the best defense strategy. This involves preserving key evidence, looking at sentencing possibilities and fighting for your legal rights the entire way.

You deserve the absolute best legal representation, and you are innocent until proven guilty. Theft charges across the board come with stiff penalties including fines, jail time and even prison sentences. The threshold for being charged with a felony is very low in the state of Washington. Felony classes range from A to E, and a class E felony could mean some serious prison time.

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Judges have quite a lot of discretion when it comes to your charge or charges. If a judge feels like there are aggravating circumstances, that can mean a misdemeanor charge turns into a felony charge. You don’t want to walk into the unknown alone or even with a public defender. You want a legal representative that knows the law backwards and forwards. It is too much for you to stomach and handle alone. This is your permanent criminal record at stake, so it’s not even just about your freedom.

Your criminal record follows you throughout your entire life. The charge is in the books, but your fate has yet to be determined. Are you going to give it all you’ve got with the best criminal defense lawyer at your side? As experienced defense attorneys, we have numerous resources at our disposal to fight for you and to help you move on with your life.

The courtroom is a big stage when you are facing enormous consequences from a theft charge, and it can make you feel exposed, inadequate, guilty and even hopeless. Contact us for a free consultation today! We will stand by your side, tell you to hold your head up and work to help you keep your freedom. (509) 327-5563