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Divorce can be an emotional roller-coaster and leave a person feeling overwhelmed and unprepared to deal with the complexities of court proceedings. Whether your divorce involves property issues, child support, a parenting plan or protection orders, Robert Cossey & Associates, P.S. can provide you with the peace of mind of knowing your court case is being handled diligently. With over 25 years of active family law practice involving all aspects of divorce, Robert Cossey has the experience, tenacity and courtroom presence as a divorce attorney to present your case in the best possible manner in written documents, family law hearings or trial. Robert Cossey is up-to-date with the current trends, statutes and case law used in judicial rulings regarding parenting plans and property issues.


Sometimes situations arise where another parent or ex-spouse simply refuses to comply with a valid court order. When you need assistance enforcing your rights under a court order, Robert Cossey & Associates, P.S. can help in making sure you receive the residential time, child support payments, maintenance payments, property, or other rights that you are entitled to under court order. Robert Cossey can help hold the other party accountable to the court orders or help protect you from unfair allegations that you are not following orders. Either way, you will receive aggressive and diligent representation aimed at protecting your rights and making sure the intent of court orders is followed.


Third party custody actions are often extremely difficult for a person to handle on their own. They are complicated and require a great deal of information as well as being strictly regulated by statute. Sometimes neither parent is fit to care for a child and a close family member or friend has to step in to obtain legal rights and to ensure the child has a stable home. In these situations, Robert Cossey & Associates, P.S. can provide the expertise and legal knowledge to advise and pursue your third party custody case as your attorney. Having successfully obtained third party custody rights for many persons, Robert Cossey has the experience and temerity to follow through on these often difficult and complicated court matters. Drafting complex parenting plans and making arguments for residential placement that deal not only with two parents, but with a third party custodian, is something at which Robert Cossey excels.


Whether a parent is trying to move with a child because of a new marriage, a new job, or other changes in circumstances, or whether a parent is trying to prevent a child being moved to another city or state because it would not be in the child’s best interests, relocation proceedings can be one of the most emotional and time-consuming types of domestic relations cases that the Court’s are involved in or parents face. Robert Cossey & Associates, P.S. has a long history of helping parents through the court process in relocation proceedings. Our child relocation attorneys, paralegals and staff have years of combined experience working with the relocation statutes and the different angles that can be presented in court. Whether a parent wishes to relocate or is trying to prevent a relocation, our office can help with our aggressive court presence, carefully crafted parenting plans, and innovative approaches to long-distance relationships.


Often it becomes necessary to request modification of a parenting plan. This can be due to many reasons such as drug use, abusive behavior, alcoholism, neglect, abandonment, alienation or sometimes simply a change in the child’s schedule or activities. When the current parenting plan is no longer feasible or in the child’s best interests, Robert Cossey & Associates, P.S. can assist in making the necessary changes. Whether asking for a modification or defending against one, Robert Cossey & Associates, P.S. is uniquely qualified to provide advice, prepare and present your case, and find the best approach to take in protecting your rights and your children during modification proceedings. The firm’s involvement in all aspects of family law practice gives a wide range of knowledge, experience, and originality in dealing with the myriad aspects of parenting plan modifications.


The practice of parents raising children outside of marriage is becoming more common and parentage and custody issues often present challenging issues when working out parenting plans and residential schedules. Often the parties and the courts have to deal with drug issues, domestic abuse and other parenting problems that may be involved in a parentage case. Whether a parent is just trying to set up a parenting plan that is best for his or her child or whether one parent is trying to protect the child from an unhealthy environment, Robert Cossey & Associates, P.S. has the skill as a child custody attorney and aggressive courtroom presence to ensure you are able to present your case. Robert Cossey is also skilled at helping parents who are unjustly accused of inadequate parenting show the court the other side of the story so their parenting rights are not limited based on the allegations of the other parent. Whatever your parentage or child custody issue, Robert Cossey can assist you in walking through the court process and help you make the best decisions for your family and your children.


Whether you need a protection order just for yourself or to keep your children safe, Robert Cossey & Associates, P.S. can prepare the necessary documents and represent you effectively in court. Often there can be no delay in obtaining protection orders. Robert Cossey works hard to be able to respond quickly to these needs, routinely working long hours to ensure that no time is lost when immediate action is needed. Whether protection orders need to be filed alone or in conjunction with another family law matter, this office has the resources and dedication to effectively request protection from the court. Whether preparing the initial written request for a protection order or representing you at the hearing, Robert Cossey & Associates, P.S. will make sure that you are given the best position possible from which to argue your case. Our office can help you obtain relief and a sense of safety when you are being harassed or your safety is being threatened.

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