Child Relocation Attorney

If you’re divorced in the state of Washington, there are several things that you’ll have to do if you have children together. One of these things is called a Parenting Plan. In the Parenting Plan, you’ll lay out the plan for visitation, physical custody, education and religious instruction for the children born of the relationship.

This can be a trying time for both parents and children as one parent is going to be moving and the other will be in charge of the children most of the time. Even though both parents will have an active role in the child’s life (in most instances) the role of caregiver tends to fall more on one parent than the other.

Child support will be determined according to what each parent earns and the age of the children involved. Eventually, things fall into a pattern, however, in time, one parent may remarry or change jobs or both. This could require a move, which is referred to as child relocation in the State of Washington.

Regardless of the reason for the move, there are special circumstances that must be considered for the child’s sake. There will have to be a new parenting plan, especially if the child will be moved to another state. Failure to comply with a parenting plan can put the noncompliant parent in court and potentially spending time in jail.

It’s hard to determine what is in the child’s best interest but it must be considered. In these cases, an attorney like Robert Cossey & Associates may be able to help. We have a long history of assisting parents in such situations as the relocation of the child. With a staff of great attorney’s and paralegals who have had years of experience in dealing with such situations, they can help to create and design a parenting plan that considers different angles to present in court.

If a parent is trying to prevent a relocation, we can help with that as well by showing an aggressive court presence that is careful to consider optional parenting plans and creative and innovative approaches for parents who will be having long-distance relationships with their children. As family attorney’s, we understand that the stakes are high and parents are running on emotion and adrenaline. We’ve worked closely with parents in such situations in the past and have the expertise and experience to focus on the best possible results for everyone involved.

It’s never easy to dissolve a marriage and when children are involved, it’s even more challenging. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation: (509) 327-5563