Divorce Attorney

Some of the factors that could complicate a divorce include:

Division Of Property

It is inevitable that belongings, assets and property are accumulated by a couple during their years of marriage. Upon divorce, this property will need to redistributed according to the type of marriage that was entered into. For example, in community of property or according to the provisions of an ante-nuptial contract.

Child Custody

Who the minor children will reside with, which parent will retain guardianship and who will be responsible for the ultimate day-to-day care is a complicated issue in divorce. While most courts will award joint custody to both parents, there are cases where sole custody may be necessary. Understanding the law and your parental rights and responsibilities is essential.

Child Support And Visitation

It is the responsibility of each parent to continue supporting their children after the divorce. Where the minors are to reside or be cared for primarily by one parent, the other parent is required to provide financial support. Determining the amount of support that should be paid and the needs of the children can be a complicated issue.

Each parent must be allowed reasonable access to the minor children in the form of visitation and contact. Defining the parameters for visitation and contact to meet the individual requirements of each case is important. Be aware that visitation cannot be denied due to non-payment of child support.

Spousal Support

In order to claim spousal support, it is necessary to prove that one spouse was mainly responsible for the support of the other during the years of marriage. Considering that many households have a dual income in today’s society, this can become a complicated issue.

In any divorce in Washington, it is highly recommended to get legal advice before even starting with the proceedings. In cases where the above mentioned or any other issues may become complicated, legal representation is essential. Contact Robert Cossey & Associates to get professional advice and rely on our years of experience as well as up to date knowledge of divorce and family law.

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Do It Yourself Divorce Online

If both parties agree to the divorce, then it may be possible for you to file for the divorce without an attorney. If you wish to fill out the divorce paperwork yourself, you can find the online divorce forms here. Once you are done, you can simply file the paperwork with our office.