Parenting Plan Modification Attorney

It is very important that both parents maintain a healthy relationship with their kids when it comes to child custody issues in the state of Washington. If one parent seems to harm the child or undermines the other parent’s relationship with the kid, the affected parent can request a modification from the courts. That is where you require the services of a reliable family law firm like Robert Cossey & Associates.

Continue reading to learn more information on parenting plan modification in the state of Washington, and why you need a reputable and experienced family law firm to handle the process.

Child Custody Agreement Modification

Even though both parties involved in the child custody case can agree to visitation rights that differ from the original plan, such changes won’t bind legally. In fact, they will not hold up in a court of law. That is where you need a parenting plan modification done through the court system in the state of Washington. That is the only way to legally enforce the new parenting plan. A family court judge will consider numerous factors before modifying a parenting plan as requested by one or both parents.

If there have been substantial changes in the circumstances relating to the plan since the original parenting plan was enforced, a modification could be requested. These changes include a relocation or changes to the working schedule of the parent/s. In fact, a change in custody would be granted if it is in the best interest of the child.

Requesting Full Custody

If there is a major shift in the life of the parent currently having the custody of the children such as criminal behavior, chronic drug or alcohol abuse, a parenting plan modification may be granted. If the child’s life is endangered in any way, a modification to the existing parenting plan may be granted so that the responsible parent has full custody of the children involved.

A reputable and experienced family law firm in the state of Washington is mandatory when you are requesting a parenting plan modification. Whether you are asking for a modification or defending against one, you need the professional family lawyers at Robert Cossey & Associates to provide advice, prepare, and present your case in a court of law in the state of Washington.

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