Protection Restraining Order Attorney

If you have been the victim of domestic violence there are several restraining or criminal protection order options available to protect yourself or your children from further abuse. Although they don’t stop an abuser from hurting or stalking a victim, they do allow the police to arrest the abuser if they break the terms of the order.

At Robert Cossey & Associates, our defense attorneys understand the complexities of filing for restraining or criminal protection orders in Washington and bring decades of criminal defense and family law experience in getting the best possible results in these cases.

If you have had a restraining order served on you or you are being accused of violating an order, we can present a persuasive case to the court that will be effective in defending you against such allegations.

Protection Orders Vs Restraining Orders in Washington

A restraining order is used to prevent a person from taking certain actions until a court hearing can be held. For example, it may prevent a party from taking children out of state, exclude a party from a shared residence, and prevent them from disposing of property or spending money. Unlike protective orders, restraining orders cannot be enforced by the police and violation of the terms cannot result in criminal charges, although it may still bring sanctions from the court that issued the order.

A protective order may be granted temporarily by the court without a hearing, but before it can be made final,a hearing must be held so that all parties can have an opportunity to be heard. When the terms of a protective order have been violated the person can be arrested and will face a criminal charge. If a protective order has been served against you, it is important to immediately consult with one of our defense attorneys for a consultation as these hearings can be scheduled very quickly after the initial order has been granted.

Whether you have been served with or accused of violating a protective or restraining order for any reason, our professional defense attorneys at Robert Cossey & Associates in Spokane County are qualified to help modify an existing order or defend you against allegations of violating an order. Contact us today for experienced legal counsel to help you file a restraining or protective order to keep you and your family safe, or to defend you if you have been accused of violating the terms of a restraining or protective order.

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